Sunday, December 1, 2013

Diy Seashell candles!

Holidays are coming soon. Christmas is on the verge of coming! And spending loads of money on gifts would b a Bing bang on our pockets. So here's a quick DIY gift for ur loved ones....
Normally there are many videos on you tube videos or articles But it will require parental assistance.
This easy Peasy DIY looks stunning!
1. Clean the seashells with a very soft solution of bleach and water! Or simply wash with a detergent soap.
2. Color ur seashells! Awaken the artist inside you :) remember to paint only the outside and NOT the inside :)
3. Take a cotton wick and place it in the shell. A wick with a holder would work the best :)
4. Take a Long candle and light it, hold in a position so that the candle will melt and the wax will fall in the shell! :) easy Isn't it? :P (way better than melting wax in the boiler, pouring it carefully in the shells)
5. Let it cool for about 10 minutes n lighten them up!
Happy holidays!!!!! :)
Lots of love! :):)