Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to make blog posts go VIRAL

Hello Everybody! How you'll doing? Well, today ive come up with a blog post to teach you how to make your posts go viral. Viral posts increase your traffic and that increases your income. This post is helpful for beginners as well as advancers :) Hope you enjoy it :)

1. High Definition/Quality Photos
Photos are always a must to your post as they are catchy. Visual data is much more enjoyed or preferred than scripts. Quality photos can attract the reader to open your post and read it.
To enhance the pictures i normally use PicMonkey, Photoshop. To increase traffic you can also add the 'pin it' plugin to your pictures.

2. Network with other bloggers
This is equally important, write a guest post. Join communities. Your reference can bring the other person to profit, and his/hers to your. :)

3. Google
Use the best of google . SEO will help you to gain more followers.

4. Do NOT compare
Do not compare your or copy your content with someone else's content. Be yourself, let people know the real you. Blog what people want to read, not what you want to post. Success wont happen overnight. Give quality and thoroughly researched content.

5. Tags
Tags prove to be a cheat to a post or sometimes a WEAPON. use alt tags to your images. to help them go viral. they would then redirect to your post.

6. Link Parties
Yes, these can help you a lotttt. You can Google about it for more details. Visit this post for more details. :)

Last but not the least, social media can help you tonnes!!! Keep  'Share widget' so that readers can share your wonderful post. sites like fb, twitter, we heart it, pinterest, instagram can b useful.
That's all for today. Hope this article helps you.