Thursday, October 31, 2013



No heat curls are nearly every girl's dream! 
So here is an easy technique to achieve no heat curls! ;)
1. Divide your hair into four equal sections.
2. Grab a section and twist it and roll it to form a corset roll and secure it with a bobby pin. (try to make a bun!) The bun should look like the one in the picture below :)
3. Make 4 such corset hair buns and let them be pinned up for about 4 - 5hrs!
4. Remove the bobby pins an tadaahhh!!!!! Your No heat Natural curls are ready to be showed off! :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Black nail art ideas!

Black! The king of all the colours! What if This black colour is on our nails?! The answer is - Royal looking Nails!

Here are a few black nail varnish art to get u inspired! :)

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nail Shapes And Personality


Nail Shapes and Personality.

have you ever wondered the relationship between our nails and our personality? if no, then here are some fun personality traits which are shown by your nails! :)

The nails with an edgy shape depict the personality traits of being young, unique, and creative with an edgy attitude! 
2. Stiletto Nails
The nails with the stiletto shape show a sexy, daring image of yours. Mostly these people are fun loving and kinda hipsters!

3. Round 
Round nails depict the feminine nature. they are girly, humble, loving and caring!
4. Squoval Nails
these nails show the assertive and ambitious nature!
5. Square
Finally, this nail shape is very common. Only a diva, bold woman can pull it off well :)
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

My favourite pictures on we-heart-it!

We-heart-it is such an addictive application!
I'm always surfing through the pictures and getting some information. I'm very sure we heart it will get u addicted to it as well. Here are some all time favourite pictures I have found till date on it! :)
Hope you like them too. :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY distressed ombre denim jacket


Hello, my sunshines! How r y'all doing?
Today I reconstructed my old denim jacket! Yay! And This is how it turned out! :)

So, what I did was took a bucketful of water n mixed bleach in it. Remember the bleach should be half as compared to the water. :)
Then dip ur jacket for a couple of hours and then dip it an inch or so more so that u get an ombre effect! :)
Then let it dry n wash it away the next day,  let it air dry. N then you are ready to use :) you can also cut off the sleeves n rip the edge for a distressed look! :)

Results :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Who else loves fall ?

Fall is here and i again have some more outfit ideas which i found on the internet!! PICTURES ARE NOT MINE!!
1. A Combination of all of my favourites! Teal, stripes, cat eye glasses and fringes!!!

2. Printed or patterned sweaters! or anything printed! <3
This beautiful combination is going to rock it all!

3. Work outfits!
Here are some work and casuall outfits which can rule this fall !

4.  Top it up with a blaZer! ;) 
Dark coloured blazers are a fall trend ! Top a dark blazer over a casual tee and give thaat a sleek sheen! :)

5.  MAROON is th KING of fall colours!

6.  Give it a grunge look! ;)

Lastly I would say, Happy Haloween! 
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kids fashion!

Kids are the most adorable thing on the earth. And when these kids are dressed up in the most trendy way, it's the cherry on the cake! Here are some pictures Which I discovered on Google.
Please note:  The pictures are not mine.please let me know if they're yours so that I can credit.