Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nail Shapes And Personality


Nail Shapes and Personality.

have you ever wondered the relationship between our nails and our personality? if no, then here are some fun personality traits which are shown by your nails! :)

The nails with an edgy shape depict the personality traits of being young, unique, and creative with an edgy attitude! 
2. Stiletto Nails
The nails with the stiletto shape show a sexy, daring image of yours. Mostly these people are fun loving and kinda hipsters!

3. Round 
Round nails depict the feminine nature. they are girly, humble, loving and caring!
4. Squoval Nails
these nails show the assertive and ambitious nature!
5. Square
Finally, this nail shape is very common. Only a diva, bold woman can pull it off well :)
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